Noodlehead: Fika Tote
Noodlehead: Fika Tote

Noodlehead: Fika Tote

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A paper sewing pattern by Noodlehead.

Fika is a Swedish word, meaning ‘to have coffee’. The classic clean lines of this mid-sized tote give a nod to Anna's (of Noodlehead) Scandinavian heritage. The Fika Tote has plenty of features you’ll love, like front pockets, a back lapped zipper pocket, recessed zipper closure and padded pockets. Take this tote on your next visit with friends!
Special features:

Two front pockets for things you need to keep close at hand
Back lapped zipped pocket
Optional recessed zip (it's optional, but I know you'll love it!)
Makes a great work or student bag, padded interior pockets can accommodate most laptop sizes

Skill Level:
Intermediate (this is a fairly straightforward sew, but due to the number of pieces and size of the tote it is classified as Intermediate.) An adventurous Advanced Beginner could also tackle this project - just takes a bit of organization

Approx. Finished Dimensions: 17” wide, 15” tall, 5” deep

Materials needed:
Requirements based on 44”-wide fabric.

1 yard Exterior Fabric
1/2 yard Accent Fabric
2 yards Lining Fabric (includes interior pockets)
3 yards Fusible Woven Interfacing (Pellon SF101 - 20”-wide)
3/4 yard Foam Stabilizer (byAnnie’s Soft & Stable (58”-wide) or 2 yards Pellon Foam Flex (20”-wide) or 1 yard Pellon 987f fusible fleece (44”-wide)
(1) 18”-20” zip (closed-ended or separating) for recessed zip closure
(1) 30” handbag (head-to-head or single pull) zip for back exterior pocket (will be shortened)

Recommended Fabrics: Lightweight canvas (7-9 oz. weight) or medium weight quilting cotton for exterior fabric. Quilting cotton for Lining and Accent fabric.

Additional supplies + tools: Polyester thread, water-soluble pen/tailor’s chalk, cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter, glue pen, size 14 or 16 denim or Microtex needle, turning tool, pinking shears.

NOTE: Noodlehead doesn't include pattern pieces for square or rectangular parts of the make, just the cutting measurements - we recommend a gridded ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter to cut your pieces accurately!